Marc Glover ‎ – 30 Mar 2011
Got my iPhone fixed by these guys a few weeks back. Theres a few of these across the UK! Iv also used the one in London. Absolutely excellent service. The don’t just repair Iphones, they do all Mac’s and iPods too. Great prices! I highly recommend  for there great repair prices.
Peter Colins ‎ – 24 Mar 2011

The best service in Newcastle by far! Went to another place for my repair in Town before and they totally messed it up! The guys at  are A+ they got my hard drive fixed within 1 hour and they also charged me less than anywhere else.  I would recommend to anyone I know!

Miles ‎ – 23 Mar 2011

Fantastic services, a true expert at a great cost! What I liked about this place is they used certified engineers, but at a price you can afford. Felt safe that my  Apple product  was in the hands of a pro. Best place inNewcastle by far.

Kim ‎ – 22 Mar 2011

Fixed my problem the very same day! My computer was not working with my new iPhone 4, was driving myself crazy trying to sort this! The guys at here are first class and also certified engineers.

Lee ‎ – 20 Mar 2011

Great place for iPhone repair in Newcastle. Dropped my phone while I was up here on a visit and these guys fixed it the very same day. Thanks again!

Hally ‎ – 5 Jan 2011

Top class service, dropped iphone off at 1.15pm, phone call to say it was sorted at 3.15pm same day, collected at 4.15pm and all at a very reasonable price. I will definately use these guys again.